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Name: Sachiko // Sachi
Age: 17
Birthday: 072619xx
Nationality: 1/2 Puerto Rican, 1/2 white
Hair Color: Red/brown.
Eye Color: Hazel
Jrock, Makeup, Visual Kei, Wonder Showzen, All things Lolita, Fast cars, Street Racing, The number 2, Myspace, The colors Green and pink, graphis, Photoshop, underwear, socks, dancing, acting, making just about anything, doodles, smoking, tickets, boys, girls, KohtaxKirito, Rennyhai, The Kohyde Experience, shakespeare, hugs, kisses, rain, bright colors, fake eyelashes, Wendy's, Spark plugs, Video games, pill popping, iPods, photogarphy, music, anime, Anything Asian, Rice, Dressing up, iTunes on occasions, Best friends, good Boyfriends, Homosexuality, bisexuality, Guitar, Yaoi, Yuri, Gakuhai, El-jay, Gee-Jay, Fall out boy, Podcasts, sugar, Red bull, Potatos, Utah for no apparent reason, signs, Text messaging, Jmusic, Asian Music, Lost [The drink], ADD, Anything fuzzy, eyeliner.
Homophobes, Jealousy, Bitchy ex-girlfriends, evil ex-boyfriends, mean people, biting my nails, fakers, liars, cheaters, backstabbers, haters, quitters, "Scene" girls, "emo"/"Hardcore" kids, Emo in general, most american music, George Bush, ICP kids and ICP, "HxC" as the abbreviation for Hardcore, any sort of meat, Animal cruelty, attitude problems, being wrong, Reality TV, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, Drama, Clowns, spiders, closed spaces, sleeping with pants on, closed mindedness, people who hate on my music

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[DLS] Episode 4-6 [Sunday,
January 22nd, 2006]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Episode 4
Music from:
Malice Mizer :: Gardenia
Headphones President :: Puppet
The TRAX :: Scorpio
Gackt :: Wasurenai Kara
Lareine :: Fuyu Tokyo

101805 [Friday, November 18, 2005]

Episode 5
Music From:
T.M.Revolution :: Web of Night. Eng ver. [Intro]
Gackt :: Secret Garden
hide with Spread Beaver :: LEMONed that I screamed
PANIC*Ch :: Lovely*
Plastic Tree :: Baka Ni Natta Noni
Camino :: Going on
KilHiICE :: Kareha [Outro]

120505 [Monday, December 05, 2005]

Episode 6
Music from:
Janne Da Arc :: Kasumiyuku Sora Se Ni Shite [intro]
The TRAX :: Scorpio
DBSG, BOA and The TRAX :: Tri-angle [Chinese version]
Amadeus :: Tell me Truth
Ayumi Hamasaki :: Boys and Girls
Malice Mizer :: Brise [Outro]

010506 [Thursday, January 05, 2006]

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Layout [Tuesday,
November 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | creative ]

Not much mentioned here, just saying I have a new layout up. I'm still trying to work out some of the kinks in it [like I need to code everything for my friends page... >.>... Maybe I'll have a different layout for the Friends page... I dunno..]

Anyway... check it out so far and tell me what you think.


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[DLS] Episodes 1-3 [Friday,
November 11th, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Episode 1
No real music, except for Paradox, by the TRAX.
Pretty poor Quality becuase it was my first one, basically talks about myself and how I came about making the show.

110905[Wednesday, November 09, 2005]
Episode 2
Hyde and Laruku themed episode featuing 2 of Hyde's newly released singles as well as a few older things by Laruku. Better Quality, I actually figured out what I was doing.
111005[Thursday, November 10, 2005]
Episode 3
No real theme to this one, just a bunch of more Jrock-y/K-rocky songs by a few artists like Antic Cafe, Pierrot and the TRAX. Quality getting better [except I was a little sick], my voice only in left channel [I'll fix that tonight]
111105[Friday, November 11, 2005]

This layout is only temporary [I use it on neverless_smile] so there will be an actual one soon.... Look for it

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